something that's pretty central to my identity is that i am fictionkin and otherkin! i'm not good at properly explaining what that means, but in very simplistic terms, it means i identify as certain concepts, characters, or 'species'. most of the kintypes i have are fictional characters.

i think i've been kinning since.... 2021? i'm not super sure, since i didn't really mark down the first kintype i really took note of.


> Logan Sanders (Sanders Sides)

though i don't know when i first started kinning logan, he's definitely one of my longest standing kintypes. i don't remember a bunch from my timeline, honestly, though i know i had longer, light brown hair in a loose ponytail, and i wore rounded glasses with a star patterned chain.

my room was more of a beachhouse, which almost contradicts my entire character, though i found the waves calming to listen to. it had a lot of cushions inside and i had a pet cat, i think? i diverge a lot from my canon counterpart.

> Dave Lalonde (Homestuck KidSwap)

i've seen a lot of depictions of dave lalonde as some kind of weird alt kid with a big dumb scarf. that is not the dave lalonde i am. me and my mom lived on the northern coast of california (it's very funny to me that multiple of my kintypes are strongly associated with beaches. i'm not sure what it is.) i was a knight of light, and the very basic swap was me and rose, john and jade, and possibly the alpha kids.

i had shaggy bleached hair and, like, hella freckles. i had the same shades as dave strider, and a somewhat similar taste in fashion? i wore a lot of vintage tees i got at second-hand stores in the area and faded skinny jeans. always wore flip-flops, too, which probably didn't fare very well in sburb. me and jharley were pen pals.

i was, like, hugely interested in fossils. i collected records, too, but my music taste skewed more towards like... acoustic rock and what i would guess would be called chillhop? whatever genre atlas fits in.

dave lalonde is easily the fictotype i id the most with, though the overall kintype i id the most with is computer programs. but since the entire site is very computer-y, this page is dave lalonde themed.

> Dave Strider (Homestuck)

i think this is where i introduce the 'take a shot everytime i mention a tangentially-strider character' game. this list gets progressively more embarrassing as it goes, and then it gets hella cool at the end. hold tight. there's cooler waters soon.

my canon wasn't outrageously different from canon canon, but there's still the quirks. our session lasted a month (instead of a day), and post-game was way different from the epilogues. karkat and i got a townhouse together and me and egbert had some weird shit going on. i'd work part-time jobs and keep up with my photography. some of us (hint: not me) were open about being gods, and some of us kept that shit on the down-low.

> Assorted

other than the above, there's a few timelines i have that i know significantly less about. we'll start with the fictotypes: vriska serket and dirk strider, everyone's favourite dni list (lmao.) i don't remember that much about being dirk but i do know jake and i lived together when we were older. as for vriska, i just know i kept my hair in a ponytail. that is literally it. i also have a theriotype as a seelie fae, though information on that is somehow even sparser.

i think if my kintypes were heavier on the therian side, i'd probably kin deer. i already id very much with them, to the point where my fursona is (mostly) one, but beyond that? not much.

> A Literal Fucking Computer Program

last and the very opposite of least: computer programs. if i made a ranking system of how heavily i identify with various kintypes, this one would be at index 0 (that's first, for those of you who are not as familiar with code!)

i honestly do not have a whole bunch to say on this one, but this is the only kintype i don't have memories for, & that's because i fully id as a program in this life. for me, my kintypes are parallel lives to mine, ones happening in a simultaneous multiverse, and my selfhood is spread across them like butter but centralised here. i wouldn't exactly call it a spiritual thing, but that's probably the closest word you'll get.