heres where i keep track of the various projects im working on. to be updated


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most importantly, a story about love

long gone legends is a comic that i'm working on writing. six teens with varying interests in cryptid hunting investigate a town legend/cryptid (same thing). mysteries ensue.

when i actually start drawing pages, they'll be found on the comic page of this site! right now there are 13 pages which i drew from november 2022 - april 2023, though im pretty much fully rewriting the comic.

i used to run an askblog for it wayyyy in the early days, when i didnt even know how much i would end up dedicating to long gone legends. its gone through a LOT of changes. it actually started out as a fan-creation in ... december 2020?? its gone through several name changes and a pretty decent amount of redesign. the old character sheets are almost scary to look back on.

i post some art for it on both my instagram and the tumblr blog longgonelegends! for now, thats where the majority of the content for it is. :]


scout hsu visits their hometown over the summer & notices something strange.

root zero is a text-based game that i'm working on! i've got one part of it done since i'm taking advantage of the fact that i have a final project due for a CS class to work on stuff i've wanted to work on for a bit. you'll eventually be able to find it on its own site.


all of this is grouped together since theyre not near planned enough to have their own sections, though all of them are in the same oc'verse. none of them are named.

  • a comic centering around another group of teenagers (daphne, xavier, alex, asha, and jo) in burke's point and their encounters with the supernatural.
  • written work concerning claire de luna, a college student at UCSC, and the strange dude who keeps fucking bothering her. note on this one-- as all of these are in the same 'verse theyre connected by relationships. this work is set a few years after all of the others!
  • an internet radio station for burke's point radio. mostly static, partly music, partly talk.

theres a pretty decent chance that a lot of these will never be finished, but they exist in my brainspace, as vague as some of them may be.