Update Log

here's the update log for the site!

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added a new, exciting element to the blog, wherein you can see the inner machinations of the enigma they call my mind. it is two am, and i am wide, wide awake.


added a few images to the carapacian column on completebullshit and updated the wardrobifier section for june's shrine.


the form for the LGL newsletter is now web-based! and i added a chatbox to a certain page of the site, but you'll have to go hunting for it.


completely swamped with exams right now, but i made a page for my old guestbook and set up a new one since 123 guestbook is going down. i also set up a newsletter for long gone legends just a bit ago-- right now the sign up works exclusively through googleforms but i want to get a form set up on the page itself.

> April


i've been doing some small changes on the side & working on something for the everyone site over on melonland (which i have yet to formally put out into the world but alas), but i've also just added another comic to the projects page. it's called act of flesh. you should check it out :-)


there's a blog now! check it out here.


AV section added! i moved the link 4 the kin page as well-- i've gotta update the site map and make the whole site more accessible soon.

> March


polished up the library section, i think i'm gonna work on an audio/video page next for records, cds, and video discs + shows and movies i like. not that there's a whole lot of them, but i figure it'd be cool to have. i'm also gonna add a project im working on to the projects page


most of the pages on the site should work on mobile now- the only exceptions would be the shrines, i think. enjoy browsing tertiaryapocalypse on-the-go!


fiddled with the code on LGL again. i'm trying to figure out how to link to specific pages without having entirely new html files for them-- right now i'm just replacing the image with JS. i was thinking of using replaceState(), but the url doesn't exist on reload. blargh. i'll figure it out

edit: i fixed it up!!! it should work now. feel free to link to ~ any page ~ of long gone legends! i also am working on getting the site to work on mobile!

> February


small changes to the buttons page.


made some changes to long gone legend's code -- specifically the buttons on the main page and the way the zoom-ins on the character page operate. it's more js! yay ^_^


i fixed up the art section & linked it onto the interests page! i think that may be everything i needed to re-style? i still might change some of the styling (especially the horse page. what a nightmare), but i'm very happy with the way the site looks right now. i want to add modal images to the art pages but it's way too much for me to attempt right now. happy sunday!


i'm definitely in one of my programming sprees again. i fixed up the interests page which is NEW and SHINY and very awesome in my very humble opinion, thus linking the completebullshit, sites, horse and piano pages to the grand architecture of tertiaryapocalypse


happy valentines day! i revamped long gone legends + the projects section. check it out!


goodbye blog page, hello buttons! the blog is saved on the internet archive but i figured it's unneeded bulk at this point (since i never update it.)

i'm doing a total redo of all of the pages on this site, probably? or at least most of them! it's a lot of decreasing bulk and restyling the main pages :-)


added a buttons page but it's still a wip

> January


finished the comics shelf of the library! it looks like the moon phase tracker on the interests page broke, which is something ill take a look at when i set up the monthlies.


stopped working on the site for a bit since school's been ASS lately, but i got the styling down for the library page. it is definitely still a work in progress though. check back later.

at some point i want to refurbish older pages, i feel like a lot of the pages on my site are somewhat lackluster. i like the sites with a bunch of graphics and stuff! its so fun! for me though i just do not know what to add without it looking tacky or obscuring stuff. i'm a words kind of guy.


added a new button for other sites! i'm going to make a button page at some point so that i can have less of a cluttered bar, and keep the mainpage buttons just to linking friends on neocities (once i figure out how to define friends, in the least philosophically dense way i can.)


didn't adequately prepare monthlies pre-holidays, so they're a bit late and i still need to do the astronomical events. i did, however, fix the image on both the sitemap and this page, and im working (very slowly) on the library page.

happy new year, by the way.

> 2023


i should be done with image linking. i may move some of the more important youtube videos (like the flashes on the homestuck pages) onto filegarden too. i added a new button & started work on the library page too!


re-linked most of the images on the site to be hosted to filegarden & added alt text on most if not all of it, though i'll have to search through each page to make sure; only pages left are the june shrine. updated the sitemap as well and revised the entry page to have warnings for content.


finished sites page in the interests section. made this update log. i'll probably add a backlog of things i updated or added in the past at some point.