Characters Each character's profile is a section of a conspiracy board, with a chunk of written text alongside stickers and images relating to their interests, as well as a photograph of the character. Mel's shows him at a fun fair, giving a very small smile whilst standing in front of a ferris wheel. It's sunny, and Mel wears a ghostface t shirt. Mel is a mixed blasian teen with a thin build, medium skin, curly, shoulder length hair, and beauty marks. He has their ears pierced and wears thin rectangular glasses and a star of david necklace. Over top the image is a note by Florence in dark red cursive that reads 'Mel, 6/28.' /end text. His info is on a piece of graph paper with a ripped edge. It's written in neat pink gel pen and all lowercase, and surrounded by doodles of dinosaurs and shooting stars. It reads: Mel recently moved in with his mom to Burke’s Point. He thinks the town is weird, but not ghost weird. Horror movie aficionado, amateur photographer, group driver. end text. There's a note from Victor in messy purple pen which reads 'thanks for driving us everywhere' /end text. There's an image of a meme, wherein closed captions read i hate anime as a person tapes up anime posters. The spotify code for Roshambo by the network is also present. Underneath Mel's photo is a name card, printed out, which reads MELVIN FRANZ, he/they. The VIN is crossed out so that it only reads mel, and there are pink stars doodled on the name card. Florence's photo is on a polaroid and shows him smiling at the viewer in side profile. It's taken in the forest, with the sky a pinkish hue. Florence is a thin japanese teenager with pale skin, freckles, and long dark hair, tied in a loose ponytail, that's dyed to fade into a blonde. He wears a red sweater with white hearts patterned in a stripe across it over top a white collared shirt. He has gold, wing-shaped collar clips and four pointed star earrings in the same hue. The note at the bottom of the polaroid, written by Mel, reads: 'florence at golden hour, 7/24.' /end text. There's a second note, by Cameron in green, which is just the XP emoticon. Florence's portion of the board is decorated with white and red hearts. There's a recipe for raspberry thumbprint cookies, which has a note from Vic reading 'fancy' on the side of it, and a name tag with a red outline that florence has decorated with floral designs. It reads, in florence's handwriting, 'Florence Anna Seong.' end text. Florence's description is written on torn brown paper in his handwriting, with a doodle of a sword beneath it. It reads: 'Florence, more than anyone else, lives in Burke’s Point. He’s explored nearly every inch of the town, including the forest. It finds a home in the quiet places. Hobby artist, stress baker, seasoned explorer.' End text. Under Florence's polaroid is a post-it note with a rudimentary doodle of florence with fangs in blue pen. In the same colour and messy handwriting, Lukah writes: 'for SURE a vampire.' end text. Jaime also has a polaroid, showing her smiling wide and holding up a 'we tried' sign at an escape room. Jaime is a thin white teen with lots of freckles, wavy light brown hair cut into a mullet, and green eyes. He wears a black shirt, a yellow and black flannel hoodie, and a black toque. Mel's notes read 'jaime's birthday at an escape room in tahoe, 9/5', and Lukah's written, in all caps, 'NERD.' Jaime has a pressed flower and a printed list of chess rules in her section of the board. On the chess rules is a drawing, in green, of the nerd emoji, with an arrow pointing to it and the word 'you' in all caps. Jaime's note is on an off white sheet of paper with a coffee stain on it, and is written in neatish gold handwriting. It reads: 'For a very long time, Jaime defined himself by her academic ability. He’s opening up again, making friends, being a teenager, and she couldn’t be happier. 3 time chess club champion, aspiring botanist, extracurricular debater.' end text. Cameron's info is written in a mock- comic book panel in monotone ink with a grim reaper & a speech bubble that reads: 'Cameron’s probably just as weird as Burke’s Point. This caused a lot of social isolation in grade school, but they were never too lonely. Cameron’s now, as far as haun cares, one of the coolest kids in town! Collector of old comics, zombie enthusiast, death fangirl.'end text. The bottom of the speech bubble is decorated with doodles of grass, mushrooms, and a ram skull, and a note from Vic reads 'coolest ever.' Cameron's photo is a selfie of herself grinning with a motion blur as they presumably spin whilst the photo is being taken. Haunt's a short, heavyset filipino person with medium skin, chin length hair, and braces. She has their ears pierced and wears a black hoodie with a white bone pattern and a green shirt over top. Florence doodled a pair of horns on Cameron's picture, leaving a note that simply reads 'Hi.', and Jaime's left a small note on a separate piece of paper which reads 'You suck at taking pictures' and is signed with his initials. Cameron's section has a multitude of stickers-- one of a ghost, one of a zombie hand, one caution sign and two eyeballs. Cameron has a grave sticker under their photo which reads 'Cameron Seong, they/she/haun.' It's cracked and mossy. Lukah's section contains a robotics technician pin, a picture of a guy falling backwards whilst wearing shades and a patterned button up with a caption that reads 'too cool', and a QR code for a video of mr. krabs walking for ten hours, with a note beneath it from Cam reading 'work of art.' His photo is him standing outside of a building, biting his lip and doing a finger gun under his chin. Lukah is a short thin wasian guy with pale skin, short blue hair with dark brown roots, and round glasses. Lukah wears a red shirt, star earrings, basketball shorts and a trucker jacket with patches on the sleeves. The image is labelled, by Vic, 'lukah with 'rizz'.' Lukah's info is written on an index card that's covered in doodles of an alien, a UFO, stars, and a sun symbol. In messy blue handwriting, it reads: 'Burke’s Point’s coolest nerd: Lukah Hofwegen. Lukah’s convinced that there’s something supernatural about Burke’s Point and is determined to find out what. Mediocre gamer, robotics technician, amateur ghost hunter.' Amateur is crossed out and corrected to say professional. End text. Victor's photo is on a polaroid and shows him in a snack aisle talking animatedly whilst holding a blue slush. Victor is a white teen with acne, blue eyes, a scar on his chin and blonde hair in a ponytail. He wears thick purple framed glasses, a black zip-up hoodie, a purple graphic tee and a choker. Mel's note underneath reads 'vic explains the plot of some anime in the gas station snack aisle, 6/10.' A spiderweb hangs down from Cameron's section, and there's a purple guitar pick, a pin that reads 'he him', a ticket for the oakland arena MCR concert from 2022, and blue lightning stickers. A paper strip reads 'Victor Holt as The Cowardly Lion', and vic's info is on a blue post it. It reads: 'Victor exudes 'guy in a band’ energy despite not being in one (though he hopes to change that.) He’s a big nerd and 100% believes in ghosts, bigfoot, all that crap. 2 time lead actor, casual cosplayer, wannabe emo.' end text. A purple skull is doodled at the bottom of the page next to a blue doodle of vic with sunglasses, labelled 'cool victor.' Each section is connected by red string, save for Florence and Mel's, which is connected by yellow string.

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